Complaints and Praise Policy

1 Our commitment to you

1.1 A.I.M.S. is committed to providing high quality services.  We are committed to providing our stakeholders with a quality service and to continuously improving those services but we realise that there are times when we don’t always succeed.


1.2 If you are either happy or unhappy about the services that we provide to you we want to hear about it, without your feedback we cannot improve.

2 How the system works

2.1 A.I.M.S. welcomes praise, complaints, comments and suggestions about the way in which we undertake our work. It is helpful for us to have people’s views, so that we can take these into account in planning and improving services.


2.2 All comments, suggestions, praise and complaints are dealt with and recorded by A.I.M.S.’s Dr. Jill Diprose who is responsible for making sure that all complaints are logged and actioned.


2.3 The complaints procedure is concerned only with resolving complaints and not with investigating disciplinary matters. The purpose of the complaints procedure is not to apportion blame amongst staff, but to investigate complaints with the aim of satisfying complainants whilst being fair to staff. It also offers an opportunity to improve service delivery.


2.4 It is particularly important to ensure that access to the complaints procedure is made as easy as possible, particularly where people may experience disadvantage.


2.5 The content of these guidelines will be regularly reviewed taking account, where appropriate, of comments and feedback made by past complainants.


3 Guiding Principles

3.1 Praise may be made verbally or in writing. Praise is recorded by A.I.M.S. Dr. Jill Diprose, following notification by staff or line managers, and is presented annually to the Board.


3.2 Complaints may be made verbally or in writing. In either case, we will treat them seriously and will listen to what complainants have to say.


4 How to make a complaint


If you are not happy about a service that you receive it is usually best to let the person who is providing the service know, either by telephone, letter or in person.  If you don’t know who to contact you can contact the A.I.M.S. by:


Post: c/o Mrs Claire Coombs, 6 Headway Rise, Teignmouth, Devon, TQ14 9UL.


Phone: 07784473541




The Co-Ordinator will log praise or a complaint and make sure that it is assigned to the most appropriate person.  In relation to a complaint you will be sent a letter confirming that the complaint has been received and telling you the name of the person who is dealing with your complaint.

5 If you are not satisfied with the outcome

If you are not satisfied with the outcome let the Co-Ordinator know.  The complaint will be progressed so that somebody else can investigate it for you.

6 Acting on results

We will do everything we can to put things right and will review our procedures where necessary to stop problems happening again.

Your voice

We hope you agree that most of the time we do provide a good quality service.  We value all feedback from our customers and would also like to hear from you about what you think we do well.