Special Needs Group Dawlish Devon

A.I.M.S. exists to provide support to those families who have children with different needs. It meets every Saturday from 11am to 2pm to provide a safe and fun place for children to play and for their parents to meet, chat and share experiences. If they come once a week, once a month, or just to the outings, it is essential that the families do not lose sight of the fact that it is their group.  Their opinions and enthusiasm mould the group and its direction is guided by their input.

Set in pleasant grounds in Orchard Manr School, Dawlish, we are fortunate enough to be able to take full advantage of any good weather, playing outside in the large playground on the swings, trampolines and the football pitch as well as in the lovely warm pool. With the recent addition of a shade sail canopy for schools, we can ensure that the children are protected from the sun while they engage in outdoor activities. Additionally, we offer engaging activities like outdoor floor painting, allowing children to express themselves creatively while benefiting from the fresh air and physical activity. Also, with the help of this site at https://specialeducationalneedsanddisabilities.co.uk/what-is-imaginative-play/, they can enjoy a variety of resources and activities designed to enhance their learning experience. We also have playground panels where children can engage in imaginative play. For more information, check out this site at https://outdoorschoolfurniture.org.uk/ to explore our outdoor furniture options.

When funds allow we organise group outings and we are sometimes lucky enough to attend events sponsored by local charities.


With weekly activities and regular outings the group provides safe and stimulating play supervised by a team of experienced play leaders, parents and volunteers.  The activities are designed so that everyone can join in and range from pizza making, collage pictures, table football, parachute games to trips to the swimming pool.

The children learn to help and support each other often enjoying the chance to play with both siblings and other members of the group.


Children are able to explore a wide range of musical instruments in groups or by individual tuition.  Depending on the needs of the children the music sessions can be educational, therapeutic or both.

As the children can access Drumbeat throughout the morning, it means that they can dip in and out of different musical activities at the same time as taking advantage of the other group activities.

A.I.M.S. provides the opportunity for families to meet together to share experiences and problems and offer support, guidance and information for the adult members.

We have in place the following policies:-

Complaints and Praise Policy – https://www.aimsfamilies.org/complaints-and-praise-policy/

Confidentiality Policy – https://www.aimsfamilies.org/confidentiality-policy/

Child Protection Policy – https://www.aimsfamilies.org/child-protection-policy/

Health and Safety Policy – https://www.aimsfamilies.org/health-and-safety-policy/

Equality and Diversity Policy – https://www.aimsfamilies.org/equality-and-diversity-policy/

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