Welcome to our first Newsletter this year.

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel our group sessions on a Saturday in view of the current situation.  However, our Committee are in constant communication and we are doing everything we can to support our families during this uncertain period.  We have set up a group messaging application so that our families can keep in contact with us and each other and we can share experiences and we can offer support and advice.  We will endeavour to re-open our sessions as soon as we possibly can.

The first week back after the Christmas break, the children had great fun making calendars and we helped William celebrate his Birthday.

We also made animal biscuits and did some winter animal craft.

Cooking is extremely popular activity for all the children and this year we have made Flapjack,  Pancake Wraps,  Fairy Cakes, Pancakes, Cheese and Leek Scones and Soda Bread.


We all really enjoy the weekly craft sessions and it has been amazing to see the quality of the work that the children have produced.  We have had great fun junk modelling, making Year of the Rat craft to celebrate Chinese New Year, clay modelling, Leprechaun plant pots to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and bird feeders.

Thanks to both Bert and Zac, we are lucky enough to now be able to offer the children fortnightly guided music sessions which has proved to be an enormous hit.

We felt the love this Valentine’s Day by making heart canvasses and the children cooked some very extraordinary heart biscuits.  We also had another Birthday and helped Isabella celebrate this time.

We also gave the children a trip out to the cinema in Newton Abbot where we all watched “Farmageddon” followed by lunch out.

We have some very strong friendships being formed between the children.  Keep safe everyone.