Our group is continuing to expand and not only have we welcomed some new families, but we have been fortunate enough to welcome some new volunteers and staff.  Kate Bennett joined us in May and has now been employed as our new Play-Leader.  We have also welcomed Carol Lewis, Catherine and her daughter, Miri who come along on a regular basis as volunteers.  A huge welcome to all of you. This has allowed us to continue to welcome new families and offer a huge amount of support to all.

We were very fortunate and invited to attend the official opening of the new Dawlish play park by the Mayor, Clr Lisa Mayne on 4th March 2023.

Our Founder, Jill Diprose received a request to personally attend the Coronation of King Charles at Westminster Abbey on 6th May 2023.  We celebrated the Coronation in style and our very own Bert played the National Anthem in full military dress which the children thoroughly enjoyed.


We have already had some fantastic activities this year with many more exciting activities and trips out to come.  We visited the Dawlish Warren Nature Reserve on 29th April 2023 and had a thoroughly brilliant day out.


We are also lucky as we now have use once again of the school swimming pool which the children really enjoy using.

We have been working with local showman, Tony Liddington of Promenade Promotions and he very kindly came along to our group on 15th April 2023 to perform.  The children loved his flea circus.  We also welcomed Isabella and her Story Bicycle along on 13th May 2023 and again the children really loved the performance.

On 15th April 2023, Beryl Harrison very kindly donated her 90th Birthday Cake and this was shared between us.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the cake.

We continue to receive very generous donations and have already been extremely fortunate this year.  Paradigm Norton donated the sum of £1,000.00.  Our regular supporter, Mrs Adamas donated £200.00, we received £300.00 from Mrs D. Houghton, we also received £215.00 from the Tonic Gallery, another of our regular supports, Wanda and Peter Chislett donated £100.00, Dawlish Warren Golf Club Vets Section have given us £1,500.00, H.G.R.F.C. have sent us £500.00 raised at their Pre-Coronation Dinner and Dawlish Water Rotary kindly donated £500.00.  Also we have received the sum of £300.00 from Emma Nankervis raised at her 50th Birthday bash held at The Swan Inn.


We have had a great start to the year and with more volunteers and staff I believe things can only get better.  A lot of our families are under extreme pressure and the support they receive from A.I.M.S. makes such a huge difference.  This is only possible because of the donations we continue to receive which allow us to keep running.  Thank you also to our team who work tirelessly to keep the group running smoothly every week.


It is really easy to support A.I.M.S. by making a monthly donation from as little as £5.00 per month – Please see our website www.aimfamilies.org.uk