We have had a great start to 2023 and are still in a position to welcome new families to our group and to see numbers to continue to grow.

Our staff and volunteers work very hard each week to continue to provide fantastic craft and cooking opportunities.  They also work hard behind the scenes to continue to raise funds so that our group can support more families and strive to provide the best support we can.

Our annual carol concert held at Luscombe Chapel was once again an enormous success. Our children managed to enjoy their Christmas party despite some severe weather. Once again our families got to enjoy the sail with Santa experience and everyone who attended had a wonderful time.


Two ladies local to Dawlish organised a Masquerade Ball on our behalf.  The event took place on 19th November 2022 at Cofton.  The event was a massive success and raised the enormous sum of £6,180.00 for AIMS.  We would like to thank Emma Nankervis and Ali Aitchinson for organising the event, to Cofton to holding the event and to David Force for hosting the auction on our behalf.  It truly was a wonderful evening enjoyed by all.


We consider ourselves very lucky to continue to receive some very generous donations.  We have received £400.00 from Mr and Mrs Chislett.  Holcombe Residents Association have donated £250.00, we have received £270.00 from the Warren Golf Club and Paradigm Norton have donated £1,000.00. We have also received £130.00 from Dawlish Water Rotary Club.


Some of our families enjoyed a trip to the panto produced by The Teignmouth Players at the end of last year to see one of our own perform.  We all had a fantastic evening. We were also lucky enough to attend the performance produced by Shaldon Theatre Company.  Once again, the families thoroughly enjoyed the evening.


It has been particularly wonderful to watch AIMS grow as a group and to see the children fully engage in all the activities and events we have provided.  Due to increasing numbers, our staff and volunteers work harder and harder each week so that we are able to cater for more families attending.  It has been incredibly special to watch our children grow and flourish and this has only been possible because of all of our loyal supporters and our staff and volunteers.  Now, more than ever before, with services and support pushed to the limit, it has proved invaluable to give our families the support and encouragement they deserve.