I hope you have all had a Happy Easter.  We certainly did at AIMS.  Once again, we were very fortunate this year to have had Easter Eggs donated once again by the Spiritualist Church in Dawlish.  The children were over the moon with their chocolate treats and had great fun taking part in the Easter Egg hunt.    Thank you to all at the Spiritualist Church and J H Way in Dawlish for your thoughtfulness.

We continue to welcome new families to our group and our sessions are now very busy.

We have again been very fortunate to receive donations from the local community.  The Teignmouth Inn very kindly managed to raise £91.00 from a collection tin.  We received funds from Teignbridge District Council and Dawlish Ladies Tangent Club.  Local Celebrity, David Force, has very kindly pledged to donate one half of the proceeds of his new book “Eavesdropper” to AIMS with the other half going to another local charity, The Snooky Trust.  You can pick this up from Force and Sons in Queen Street, the Dawlish Gazette or Presents or buy on ebay for £9.95.

We were lucky enough to have Dance in Devon came along again to more of our sessions and our children were supported to express themselves through movement.  The children really enjoy Lizzie’s visits.

Bert Parton has joined our group of volunteers and is helping us to provide more musical activities with the children which they all really enjoy.


We’ve had a great start to the year and due to the number of donations we have received we are able to offer our families some fantastic activities over the next few months.  As always, thank you to all our dedicated staff, volunteers and supporters for helping us achieve this.






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