This July A.I.M.S. have celebrated 25 Years.  We had a party to mark the occasion and this was a huge success and worked really well.  Everybody worked so hard to ensure the day went smoothly.

Our Play-leader, Kathy, made a fantastic cake to mark the occasion.

We invited old families and our supporters to come and join us to celebrate the occasion.

The children iced biscuits.

The children had great fun outside on the slip-n-slide and playing with bubbles.

Zac, our Play-leader, Kathy’s son, came long and helped the children experiment with music which we did outside as the weather was so good.

Considering all the extra people and noise levels, the children really surpassed themselves.  To see them all enjoying themselves was a real pleasure and they were so well behaved throughout.

We had our picture taken for the local newspaper.

This is the link to the local newspaper the Dawlish News.