Over 20 years ago Dr Jill Diprose introduced the very distressed new parents of a baby with special needs to the parents of another special needs child. The support and understanding they drew from each other led to other families joining them for coffee and a chat and thus Dawlish Special Needs Group evolved. The group is now known as AIMS and operates a free Saturday “drop in” group at Oaklands Park School in Dawlish from 11.00 to 2.00pm, where paid play leaders and volunteers offer craft, cooking, music, games and a great outdoor space for letting off steam! Over the years we have bought and acquired a great deal of equipment and musical instruments for the children to play with, including a digital drum kit, and assorted bikes, scooters etc. to suit all ages and abilities and we can also use the school swimming pool. Families attend together and parents draw friendship and support from each other whilst all the children enjoy the activities and play at whatever level suits them. A big happy family, the great thing about AIMS is there is no need to explain – children are just children. We do not receive any funding so paying our way is a constant challenge. Apart from the running expenses of rent and wages and replacing craft and cooking needs we like to offer the families a day out sometimes. We rely greatly on the generosity of local people to keep us going. AIMS – Activities Interests Music Support.

Please support our cause by playing the Teignbridge Lottery for Communities https://www.teignbridgelotteryforcommunities.co.uk/support/aims